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Communauts is a social enterprise which aims for facilitation of livelihood improvement for rural communities while conserving the environment.

Communauts is a social enterprise which aims for facilitation of livelihood improvement for rural communities while conserving the environment. We develop attractive, sustainable and high quality products with community groups and market them to hotels, lodges, souvenir shops and other buyers. Communities gain a reliable source of additional income, the tourism industry gets access to local value chains, natural ressources are protected while tourists benefit from authentic and unique Ugandan products.


Communauts starts its activities in Uganda. The East African country is home to some of the continent's most exciting natural wonders. Mountain Gorillas roam the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, chimps hide in the dense woods of Kibale National Park, elephants meet with hippos on the banks of the lakes and rivers in Queen Elizabeth National Park while the Nile characterises the breathtaking Murchison Falls National Park. This natural richness encourages more and more tourists to visit Uganda. A growing tourism industry enables visitors to enjoy the splendour and provide a truly Ugandan experience.

However, National Parks limit the agricultural and economic activities of local communities, which hardly benefit from tourism. This leads to tensions and encroachments sometimes, especially with a fast-growing population. By providing alternative income opportunities from tourism, we enable the communities to improve their livelihoods and create incentives for them to protect the precious nature around them.


Communauts Ltd is founded and led by a team of Ugandan and international experts united by the mission to make tourism work for all. 

Anne Kabahuma is a recognized leader in community management and local craft development and trading. As Managing Director, she leads the daily business of Communauts. LinkedIn

Reto Urech is a biologist, tourism expert and marketeer. He developed and founded Communauts together with Christina Tewes-Gradl. LinkedIn

Christina Tewes-Gradl is an expert in inclusive business, or business that fights poverty. She developed and founded Communauts together with Reto Urech. LinkedIn 

Celestine Katongole is a renowned Ugandan tourism expert. He is a tourism lecturer, researcher, consultant and runs his own tour company. LinkedIn 


Our products bring out the best of Uganda: they are fair, sustainable and carefully handcrafted by rural communities. We merge local crafting traditions with modern designs, in a co-creative process of designers and communities. Our first portfolio of products is currently under development. Basket weaving, paper-making and ceramics are some of the techniques in use. In addition, we will set-up a product range based on agricultural produce for daily use in hotels and as souvenirs. Stay tuned for our first HOT product launched in early 2019!!


Communauts builds on existing know-how and on partnerships with complementary initiatives. Want to help make tourism work for all? We invite you to join forces with us in order to bring sustainable change to Ugandan communities and protect the environment! We are looking for: 

  • Communities in Uganda, which would like to start producing authentic and high-quality products for tourism 
  • Tourism companies that look for authentic new products
  • Designers and artists who would like to co-create products with local communities  
  • Development organizations and NGOs that build capabilities among local communities 
  • Investors and foundations who help finance the expansion of Communauts 

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